A new look for me

September 29, 2006

Here’s what unemployment looks like:


Today was my last day at Merck, and I don’t start at Transform for another week and a half.  I have to say that I’m freaking out a bit.  It’s a big thing to change jobs.


And it’s a…girl?

September 28, 2006

We had a second chance ultrasound yesterday to get a better view of a couple of angles that were stubbornly unseeable last week.  Everything looks good, and Baby Nelson appears healthy and normal as far as can be seen by ultrasound.  We tried again to see if it was a girl or a boy, and the results were more clear than last time, though that’s not really saying a lot.  The quote was “I can’t see anything to say that it’s a boy, and so I think it’s probably a girl, but I can’t see well enough to be really sure.”  A resounding call to go buy pink frilly stuff, right?  Connie thought so.

The color purple

September 19, 2006

Neither blue nor pink, but something in between…

Or, as the case may be, no color at all (yet).

Today was the big day for us to find out if peanut is a girl baby or a boy baby.

Unfortunately, peanut was sitting cross legged and refused to change positions, so we still don’t know what we’re having. (I guess we know who’s in charge, though…)

One thing we do know is that everything looks A-OK as far as the baby’s health is concerned. There are no signs of Down’s Syndrome or any other problems and the bone measurements, etc. are exactly what they should be at this stage.

Size wise, the baby is neither too large nor too small – exactly at the 50th percentile, which is as perfect as can be. 

It was fun to see our little one’s arms and legs, fingers and toes. In spite of the baby’s refusal to go “full Monty,” it was very active. We’d see a hand wave and then a foot kick – very exciting stuff.

Unfortunately, the photos didn’t turn out very well. You can’t really see anything definitive.

The doc was trying to get a view of the heart from several angles and the baby wasn’t cooperating, so he asked us to come back in a few weeks for a second ultrasound. (It will be more like one week, since we’ll be moving soon.) Hopefully after the next round we’ll be able to let you know if baby’s hair will require bows or a buz cut.

Stay tuned… 

Carl and Christy coming to visit

September 18, 2006

We had a visit last week from Carl and Christy.  It was very nice to see Caleb and Eva again, and I got lots of quality time taking care of them.  Much of that happened at our house, but we did venture afield as well, to lovely Camden, NJ.  Caleb and Eva really enjoyed the aquarium there.


We got a couple of good shots of Philly from the Camden waterfront.  Trust me: when you’re in Camden, that’s the direction you want to face to take a picture.



A new lawn ornament

September 9, 2006

We placed our house on the market today.  The place is spic and span (except for all the crap crammed in the basement and closets).  Now we have to deal with all the house hunters.  Argh!  I’ve been on the other side of this, and am certain that it is definitely the fun part.


More Photos

September 8, 2006

I can’t help but think that my nephews and nieces are the cutest, so here are more pix. We’re excited to have Caleb and Eva come for a visit so we can get photos of them as well. We’ll keep you posted…

dscn1477.JPGdscn1519.JPGdscn1485.JPG dscn1524.JPGdscn1532.JPG dscn1506.JPG

Alright, already!

September 8, 2006

Okay, okay, I’ll write something for the blog for cryin’ out loud! Eric has been bugging me to do so for quite some time but I just haven’t felt all that compelled. You’d think that because I write for a living I’d be all over it but, quite frankly, I just can’t see why anyone would find the minutia of my life all that interesting. Wait until our little peanut arrives. THEN there will be something wonderful to write about!   Eric has done a good job at keeping the blog updated, but he didn’t write about the visit we had from one of my “bestest” friends ever, my sister Nancy.   nancy-beach.jpg  Nancy has been my comrade for some 35+ years, although we haven’t always been best buds. In fact, I’m surprised she still speaks to me considering some of the crappy things I did to her when we were younger (“you can only belong to my secret club if you eat this grasshopper…”) 

Nancy F.P. is a true gem. Spending time with her reminded me of how much I miss her. When we lived together for a couple of years we spent many hours laughing ‘til our stomachs ached. Mostly, the jokes were on or about me. But then again, I can be an easy target at times.  

Nancy came for two reasons. One: to make sure I don’t live in a hippy commune (you never know with that crazy, glue sniffing Eric guy), and two: because I asked her to.  

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of having to pack up and move while also having to meet my work-related deadlines and deal with morning sickness. Luckily, morning sickness is no longer an issue – yeah – but when I asked her to come, I was still spending a great deal of time in either a prone position or doubled over.  So, like I knew she would, Nancy came to my rescue. She helped me move a bunch of boxes that were in the basement to our storage unit. I use the term “helped me” very loosely, because she did most of the work. I’m sure it was a very deja vu experience for her, since she helped me move from my apartment to my townhouse and again from my townhouse to Pennsylvania. She swears that some of the boxes have remained unopened since the first move – a statement I will neither confirm nor deny. 

While she was here, we spent a little bit of time bumming around the area. We visited a few places in Philadelphia (the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Adventure Aquarium, South Street, Reading Terminal Market, and drive-bys of some of the historical sites).  We also spent some quality time lost in Camden, where we were the only white people. This wasn’t a bad thing because we stumbled upon a place where Nancy could cash in her lotto ticket (a $3 win). 

While driving through Philadelphia, we saw a local politician waving at passers-by. I always feel sorry for people who do that kind of thing, so I enthusiastically honked and waved back. Nancy was kind enough to point out that the man was not a politician but a businessman hailing a cab.  D’oh!  Once again, I had made an ass of myself – something my sister always finds extremely entertaining. 

The highlight of our time together was a trip to Atlantic City, mostly because we got to spend some drive time exchanging witty banter (her wit, my banter). Nancy was excited to gamble (something she ended up not doing), and I was excited to see the Jersey shore (a disappointment because the beach was so trashy). The boardwalk was fun, but overall I think we both found that Atlantic City fell short of our expectations. We dubbed the place “Reno con Playa” (Reno with Beach) because that’s what it felt like.  Since Reno is the stinky armpit of America, you can surmise our feelings about Atlantic City. 

In spite of the A.C. letdown, I think (?) Nancy had a good time. I remain grateful to have had a visit from one of my four blisters. (Make that two of my blisters. Debi came out a couple of months ago… something I’ll have to blog about some other time.)  

Eric has done a fine job of writing about other matters of interest, so this concludes my first official “blog.” What I lack in quality, I make up for in quantity. Now, please: GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT POSTING ON THE BLOG!

Where’s Connie?

September 6, 2006

Some of you may be wondering why Connie hasn’t written any posts yet.  The simple fact is that her fast-paced lifestyle is too busy to blog.  I expect that to change in February.

Until then, here are some more gratuitous picture of nieces:





Spooky side trip

September 6, 2006

Having already gotten the house we wanted with a day to spare, we took a side trip to Salem. 

We went to the Salem Witch Museum (overpriced and full of liberal twaddle about Wicca at the end).

And then to the Peabody Essex Museum (just overpriced). 

A spooky time was had by all.

A place to hang our hats

September 4, 2006

Connie and I went to Boston over Labor Day weekend with the intent of buying a house.  We did, and it’s the one that Connie wanted.  Here is a picture of the outside. 


The insides are still in progress, but will be fully updated.  These condos are 30 yrs old, but this one won’t feel like it with the updated kitchen, hardwood floors, etc.